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Small Car, Big Fun:
The MINI CAR-nival Experience

MINI has been an iconic car brand since 1959 with its signature small cars, but with changing dynamics and new competitors within the auto industry, MINI had lost some of its presence. They aimed to appeal to millennial urban professionals who crave excitement and new experiences and want to find ways to get out of the city. The Small Car, Big Fun campaign showcases that even MINI's signature smallness can create the big excitement. In various cities, pop up MINI Car-nivals would feature games and prizes to build excitement for the brand. Visitors could also check out MINI models for themselves.

Role: Creative & Art Direction, Copywriting


MINI Roll-A-Ball Racing

Participants get rolling with this traditional carnival racing game reimagined for Mini USA. As players roll balls into one of three speed holes, their Mini edges forward through an adventurous landscape, inching towards the finish line, a cliffside vista. The winner takes all and, by that, we mean their choice of one of our Mini Big Fun prizes.


MINI Mini Golf

What’s more MINI than mini golf! Visitors could swing on by and visit the MINI golf course to drive their ball around the curves of our city-themed course. They could just check in and pick up gear at our Mini Clubman golf station. People could keep an eye out on Fever, DoNYC, TimeOut and more to reserve an exclusive tee time to get rolling. Each player gets their very own prize. 


MINI Slot Car Grand Prix

Competitors zoom to the finish line on a super-exciting vintage slot car race track. Each player controls their own Mini replica slot car on the MINI grand prix track, navigating the twists and turns to take home first place and their choice of prize.


Additional Car-nival Fun

To add to the fun, for larger activations, additional interactions could include MINI Go Karts, bumper cars and more, 


CAR-nival Prizes

Participants will receive branded prizes for playing the games in the Mini CAR-nival including:

Small Speaker, Big Sound

With this Mini speaker, bring along some big sound for when you get to where you’re going.


Small Tools, Big Changes

You never know when you’ll want a change up. Add and subtract with our Mini keychain tools.


Small Carry, Big Haul

Take our handy-dandy Mini camoflauge, foldable tote with you for when you’ve got more stuff than you can carry!


Small Cover, Big Safety

Peek-a-Boo! Whether it’s a video meeting or just a privacy concern, use our Mini webcam cover and make sure you control who sees what.


Promotional Signage

To promote the experience, signage would be placed in subway stations and cars featuring a MINI driving through a freshly inked Rorshach test in line with the Small Car, Big Fun idea. .

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