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Better Call Saul - Los Pollos Hermanos

Developed as part of a campaign to promote Better Call Season 3, the concept stemmed from the reintroduction of fan favorite character, Gus Fring, the figurehead of Los Pollos Hermanos. To build engagement and dialogue, we focused on Los Pollos Hermanos, the iconic restaurant from Breaking Bad.

Role: Creative & Art Direction
Pop Up Restaurant Creation: AMC Production Team

Press Highlights: Adweek, VarietyEntertainment Weekly
EaterTV InsiderJOEThe Daily MealPatch

Uber Eats Initiative + Fan Experience
Complementing the return of LPH, this Uber Eats promotion allowed fans to order fried chicken from the restaurant, with hidden rock candy that looked like the iconic "Blue Meth" from Breaking Bad. Attached to the "meth" would be a non-descript way of contacting Jimmy McCall via a phone based messaging system. The messaging system would lead fans to additional online assets to view like secret security footage.

Screen Shot 2022-09-05 at 4.44.14 PM.png

Pop Up Restaurant
This initiative included building out a pop up restaurant that launched during SXSW. The restaurant went on to launch in LA and NYC. The activation got immense press and repositioned Better Call Saul as THE show to watch.Note: I developed the concepts for this with the MXM team while the AMC internal team executed the pop up shop concept for SXSW.

Social Media Promotion
Not only was the pop up restaurant showcased on social media for mass audiences, but we also created assets that highlighted Gus' iconic return to the Breaking Bad/Better Call Saul narrative.  

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