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Library of Augmented Reality Work

As creative director for all North American projects at BlippAR, I ideated and pitched AR experiences to new clients. I oversaw the execution of these experiences with my creative team in collaboration with 3D designers and developers. These are just a couple of examples with features such as virtual window vending machine (AR to e-commerce), games, virtual try-ons and catalogs (directing to e-commerce), immersive galleries, and more. 

Creative Team: Schuyler Holman, Candice Lee
Snoop Dogg & Columbia Records - Enter the World of Bush
Nestea - Plunge Your Passion
Honey Nut Cheerios - The Power of Oats
Action Movie Kid - Immersive Book Cover
Pulsar - Virtual Watch Try-On
Estee Lauder x Belk - Interactive Catalog
Paul Frank - Virtual Pop Up Shop
Tide Pods - Educational Content
Hennessy 250th Anniversary Exhibition - Complementary Exhibition Guide
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