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Thinx Teens - The New Language of Periods

Our goal was to get parents of Gen Z and Gen Alpha to join the new generation of leak protection by having them believe that choosing Thinx Teens helps their teen feel more comfortable with their period. We knew that Thinx could help a generation choose to be more comfortable with their periods through open dialogue and education. We knew that words matter when it came to menstruation because speaking about periods has always been a universal language — both spoken and unspoken. So often, this language is inconspicuous or uses outdated euphemisms, making first and early-period experiences much more confusing to navigate. This campaign focused on empowering parents and their teens to talk about periods directly and unapologetically, so they can have conversations on THEIR terms. This campaign talks about periods candidly, helping people transform the words we use and set a new status quo for the next generation. 

The campaign provided 384% ROAS and 37% CVR. Additionally, the work provided an increase of 8% efficiency over CPM goals and driving traffic efficiency. 

Role: Creative & Art Direction
Art Direction: Puteri Cardinale

Design Support: Kelly Conklin, Cass Sachs-Michaels

Production: See Me Creative

Director: Sara McDowell

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