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Shine with Sun-Maid

Sun-Maid wanted to find a way to engage fitness and/or recipe enthusiasts as well as families. With this campaign,
Sun-Maid embodies the sun, bringing a little shine to everything it interacts with. The concept showcases how Sun-Maid can take things from ordinary to extraordinary. Sun-Maid brings the shine to a school lunch, a fitness regimen or a fun recipe. Each scenario highlights a positive change brought to you by Sun-Maid. 

Role: Creative & Art Direction, Design, Copywriting

Brand Revamp

Refresh the iconic logo to be a little more modern, but still retain the history of the brand with its visuals. 

Screen Shot 2022-09-14 at 5.31.29 PM.png

Shine with Sun-Maid

Creating a new a tagline to bring the campaign together to show people that no matter when and where, Sun-Maid will be a purveyor of making lives shine brighter in each and every way. After all, they're made from the sun.


Print Ads and Hero Visuals

The ads utilize bold typography to show how Sun-Maid can make the ordinary, extraordinary with just a little shine. 

#MakeitShine Series
Program Specific: Back to School

A social campaign that ties back to the shine campaign, but also content that provides fun ideas for lunch that incorporate Sun-Maid products. Additionally a UGC campaign will ask parents to share their lunchbox "game" and show how they take their kid's lunchbox and #makeitshine

Photos of everyday lunches, the sun supergraphic covers up the mundane snack and features meme-like copy to bring it to life. Post copy features a hashtag CTA that reads #makeitshine. Additionall the #makeitshine series provides lunch ideas for parents always inclusive of Sun-Maid products. 


Sun Made Series
Program Specific: Farmers

Using social media to tell the farmer story. Launch stories by introducing various farmers as they hold the sun supergraphic. Each intro post will drive to long and short form videos that help tell the story of their heritage, their process, and their generational narrative, highlighting purity of the process. The series shows how regional farmers come together to supply Sun Made products to the Sun-Maid brand.

This series introduces the farmer story. It drives to additional content on the brand site, Youtube, or on social channels. We also feature imagery from day in the life of a farmer with a focus on the farm to package process of Sun-Maid dried fruits.


Shine Your 'Shine 
Program Specific: Gifting

A series of Whiskey and Moonshine infusion recipes to keep your holiday glowing and your Winter warm. Here we can promote and create a Sun-Maid infusion kit featuring curated recipes, an infusion jar, Sun-Maid products, and any additional spices, The could be available via  subscription boxes, sold in liquor stores and in the grocery store grocery aisle.


Rise and Shine
Program Specific: Summer Fitness Partnership

A partnership series that focuses on tips, inspirational quotes, exercises, and good habits to maximize your fitness routine. Each piece of content will help people take their average routine and make it more impactful, more productive, and more radiant. 


Limited Edition Shine Packaging

A limited edition version of the packs that highlights the beginning of summer. Each pack has a gold chrome aesthetic
where the red pack will be transformed for maximum shine with branded language that infuses fun reasons how
Sun-Maid takes something ordinary and helps it become extraordinary.


Guerilla Postings

A series of sun stickers that bring a little shine to the everyday and inspires people to shine. Stickers are placed throughout major cities in strategic locations where people can see them during commonplace moments. For example, 
Waiting for the bus - On a bus shelter;  Shopping for snacks - On other products;  Looking at flyers - On bulletin boards.


Back to School - Find the Shine

Using simple illustrations tied to school themes and objects, the sun graphic is used promote brand by showing how Shine with Sun-Maid makes the ordinary become extraordinary.

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