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AB INBEV Anti Binge Drinking Campaign

For a public service initiative, AB INBEV was looking for a campaign that could help subdue binge drinking. Our campaign was "One Drink/One Water: Pace Yourself" which we showed was the best way to prevent the odds of something strange, embarassing or bizarre from happening. 

Role: Art Direction

Creative Director: John Washburn

Co-Creative Team: Lizzie Wilson, Tali Gumbiner, and Alexis Reid


VICELAND Partnership - Party Legends

Sponsorship of various episodes and stories from Vice's Party Legends that describe how celebrity and influencer's evenings took a turn for the strange, crazy, and terrifying because they just really didn't pace themselves.

Out of Home

Share the greater odds on large format wheat-pasted posters in areas heavily concentrated with bars, restaurants and other venues,.


Instagram Odds Tarot 

A continuously updating library of posts on Instagram that people can choose and take their chance at their odds.

Browse Your Odds Facebook Gallery 

Promote content in-feed that clicks through to a a gallery of your odds.

Sponsored Buzzfeed Content

Use a Buzzfeed listicle to highlight all odds of how the night could go wrong if you don't pace yourself.


Promo Items for Bars & Delivery Partners

To promote the campaign at bars and at home, promo items like printed coasters, water cups, napkins, temporary tattoos, greater odds fortune/tarot cards, and delivery codes would help with awareness and spread the message to have One Drink/One Water. 


Greater Odds Photo Filters

To commemorate their night and have a a funny story to share for later, people are participating bars would have access to filters across various platforms. They can choose the one that's most comical or they can promote the general message.

An Exhibition of Lost Odds & Ends

A museum-like presentation of curated objects collected from drunken nights out. With the exhibition, we want to show the absurd, "how-on-earth-did-you-let-that-happen" mayhem or mishaps that might occur when you don't pace yourself.

Museum of Odd&Ends.jpg
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