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General Mills B-Team Multi-Box AR Experience

In an effort to promote multi General Mills brand purchases, this AR experience featured a vintage Woody stationwagon busting through the boxes with the B-Team Characters. The experience featured two games, with unlockable levels,  webisodes based on the number of boxes you scanned. Players also had access to create their own photo filter with B-team digital stickers and collectable badges based on their game play. 

Role: Creative Direction and Agency Partner Management

Design Support: Jae Salvarietta, Schuyler Holman, & Candice Lee

8-Bit Asset Development: Exit17

Agency Partner: Saatchi & Saatchi

bTeam_MainMenu_Dev (1).png

Original Concept Sketches

In preliminary discussions with Saatchi and Saatchi, these were concept sketches I drew up to help visualize how the experience would come to life. 


Saturday Wagon Game

Using the B-Team station wagon, players had to help navigate the B-Team through obstacles. The game could be endless, with the goal of achieving high scores and badges. 


Saturday Wagon Unlockable Lands

To promote purchases across the five General Mills brands, the experience included unlockable lands which would be accessible once you scanned one of the different cereal brands

Saturday Smasher Game

A second tap based game, mimicked the retro game Rampage with one of the B-Team characters smashing through


Collectable Digital Badges

These collectable digital badges incentivized play and encourage unlocking content by scanning other branded products.