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Miss America Rebranding & Partnership Ideas

Creative development of:
- The new logo
- Print, outdoor (shown) and digital advertising
- Year 2 partnership opportunities
- Branded patterns
- Packaging concepts

Role: Art Director & Designer

Miss America Logo Redesign

The needed to reinvigorate the brand, but also utilize elements of the the old logo like the crown and year. From this, Utilizing the M & A characters, the pattern could be applied to everything from packaging to wallpaper.

Partnership Opportunities

For year two, we hoped to build a campaign based on a "Made in America" concept, with merchandising opportunities for each state, increasing for support (state pride) and encouraging participation. Also, considered was a larger online presence online merchandising and a microsite for webisodes and sponsored behind the scenes footage. The sponsored microsite would also engage people to learn more about contestants and encourage a state to state fan base.

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