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United MileagePlus Program Redesign

As Associate Creative Director on United, I spearheaded a Qualification Kit project for Premier members. Our task was to reduce the budget by 20%, or $1 million. This resulted in the creation of a MileagePlus landing page that would allow users to access benefits, information and more.

Role: Creative & Art Direction, Production Budget Decisions

Creative Support: Shawn Scott

Annual Welcome Mailer

This printed airline ticket styled mailer would not only provide them with their annual benefit information, but also introduce and drive members to a new website experience.


Benefits Portal Creation

A new site dedicated to the program would allow members easy access to benefits and information, which was previous difficult to find. The portal would feature a welcome letter from United's CEO, customized rewards, tier and promo information, detailed airport and location information as well as content to provide encouragement to travel to earn and redeem more miles. This allowed cost reduction from variable printing costs. 

UnitedSimpleLanding_Template_Login_o (1).png

Tier Upgrade Mailer

This mailer would be sent out as members leveled up their status at some point during the year. This mailer would laos promote the benefits of using the progress tracker to help get members to the next tier status. 


Million Miler Gift

This would be sent out to million miler members providing them with their updated benefit information as well as a membership card, travel tags for their baggage and a passport holder. These tags and membership cards would provide exclusive benefits in the airport like priority luggage handling and extra lounge benefits.

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