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Lipton Brisk Iced Tea: House of Briskfits

- Building an emotional connection and strengthening relevance with Carlos, our core cross cultural, millennial consumer
- Positioning Brisk as the best tea by bringing our bold flavors, packaging, and the Briskfit characters to life


The Briskfits do things a little differently. Some are trendsetters, some are gamers, but they all stand out – each one representing a member of the crew. We shifted the existing Briskfit characters from living in different worlds, to a being a diverse group united by A SINGLE PURPOSE.


Role: Art Direction, Design

Creative Directors: Dave Rosenberg & Tim Clarke

Creative Team: Diana Oberlander


The House of Briskfits Tumblr Hub

The House of Briskfits isn’t just a house. It’s an immersive experience where four-eyed lemons and two-headed llamas will show you around their world. The House is where you’ll live your passions – from gaming and sports to style and hip hop – and take you to the next level. 

Tumblr is the inside look at the House of Briskfits. It's the Real World meets Toontown - a live action/ animated reality show from a fantasy world. In the House of Briskfits, you'll find endless places to explore products and activate passions.


Connected Pack Technology

Boost up in-store clings on coolers with integrated geolocation based smart/NFC tech to allow people to pull content from the point of sale. Through this, we created a dynamic, owned, proximity-based content delivery platform. 
Clips that feature behind-the-scenes House of Briskfits content like:
- Briskfits speaking to their flavor and their passions
- Tips and tricks related the various facets represented by each of the Briskfits
- Social Media activation - in-store filters, content experiences
- Direct people towards local places and events 


The Origins of the Briskfits

A video content series of the Briskfits sharing their moments of legendary self-realization, sparking parallel inspiration for you to be like your favorite character, find your confidence and own it. Feature this content across the Tumblr hub, Youtube, Snapchat, Facebook Watch, & Instagram Reels


The Briskfits Curate Arts, Culture, Tech & Music

From food to style down to art and music Briskfit curation is always on point. We feature up and coming musicians, artists, & style icons who talk about how their shift happened and what it was that took them to the next level. Content is intermittently coordinated with publishers like Twitch, Vice, IGN, Woven, and more. We also ensure that we give consumers the 411 on apps and platforms like like Keezy, Snapseed, Twitch and more. The characters also partke in channel takeovers to share their creative side for people to engage with. Furthermore, geolocated photo filters would be activated at places where our demographic lives, like skate parks, basketball parks, graffiti spots and more

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