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Humans: Season 2 Social Creative

To promote Season 2 of Humans, the social campaign aimed to bring the world of the show to life by creating mock ads, synth user guides, recall notices, as well as anti-synth signage. By doing this the social content enticed people to learn more about the show, the storyline, and the synths themselves.

Role: Creative & Art Direction

Design Support: Michelle Porucznik and Jourdan Enriquez

No Synths Allowed

Picking up on a Season 1 storyline, these posts featured anti-synth messaging. This also evoked difficult issues within our society by mimicking the lack of equality. 

Synth Recall Notice

The synths were gaining their own consciousness which was creating a challenge between Humans and their synths. These posts paralleled the existing storyline by providing additional world content as though it's coming from thesynth manufacturer, recalling "malfunctioning" synths.

Digital Synth Guide

To add to the idea of this world, this series of content represented information coming from the manufacturer for synths that people owned in the show. This helped bring more of the technology and intrigue around the synths to life. 

New Synth Models Mock Advertisements

With new synth characters joining the show, these mock ads for new synths helped to bring even more of the show's world to life and introduce new characters.