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Trojan Social Media Campaign​

Trojan identified that within the 18 - 30 year old demographic, condoms were only being used in 1 of 3 sex acts. How could we create a campaign that promotes condom use across sex acts?

The Pleasure of Protection is a campaign that identifies that younger consumers may have misinformed ideas about sex and pleasure. Often times, sex becomes a qualifier for adulthood versus a way of truly seeking pleasure. The campaign not only seeks to educate younger consumers, but promote a worry-free sexual experience across all sex acts.

By highlighting real moments of pleasure, the campaign seeks to –

  • Create a realm of pleasure that a younger demographic can aspire to;

  • Promote worry-free sexual experiences and maximize pleasure by freeing both body AND mind;

  • Educate new consumers about sex and pleasure;

  • Showcase the condom process as a fun process;

  • Build lifetime loyalty through early education and adoption.

Role: Creative & Art Direction, Copywriting
Creative Support: Luke Mesekes

YouTube Pre-Roll

Developed this execution to use the time of the pre-roll to showcase that adding a comment to the mix, just takes a brief moment before the "O" Moment.  

Facebook and Instagram Social Content

Showcase real "O" moments to promote the pleasure of protection as well as a series of posts with sex tips to help educate our younger demographic. Utilize remixed well-known pop culture moments to highlight classic "O" moments.  


Educator Chatbot

Allow consumers to get the information they want about sex and pleasure in a more confidential way. 


Snapchat Influencer Ads featuring Nikki Glaser

Have candid conversations about the big O, while promoting participation and showcasing ways to make the condom moment part of the pleasure process

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