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SLIDE with Professor Meowberry

SLIDE is the most innovative litter on the market due to it's non-stick, dust-free, and odor-free formula. Our challenge was to build awareness about the product by showcasing it's innovative features on social media.

Role: Creative & Art Direction, Copywriting, Compositing
Animation Support: Hanju Chou

Campaign Manifesto

Cat Facts

Social media content created in this category focuses on facts about cats, their owners and SLIDE functionality. These facts specifically aligned the instinctual and physical attributes of a cat with the need for the innovation in SLIDE litter, making it contextual for cat owners.  


Social media content created in this category focuses on the emotional and behavioral traits of cats and their owner's love of their cat antics. These short videos highlight the silly, quirky things that cats do that we may or may not have an explanation for. This facet helps align SLIDE as a cat expert that understands cats and the relationship they have with their owners in a relevant, but punchy way. 

Cat Chat 

Social media content created in this category focuses on humor and brand awareness within the campaign by picking up on cat trends online and various viral video themes and reworking them in a fresh perspective. Through social media callouts, This category would also be supplemented with user-generated content from cat owners to include in the "show." Additionally, content would include a roundtable with Professor Meowberry, featuring an aloof cat and a quirky cat, to mimic different facets of cat personalities.


Ask the Professor

Utilize a fun microsite to position SLIDE litter as a cat expert that you can go to for any needs. Whenever possible, content would showcase aspects of SLIDE litter and connect them to the Q&As from site visitors.


Channel Ecosystem

  • Build a dynamic, strategic and ownable presence for cat litter across social channels.

  • Atomize adapted site content and/or social-specific campaign content across platforms

  • Pick influencers—and content partners—that can help drive awareness and consideration, both based on search opportunities and social relevancy.

  • Build out content to support search where A&H can “win,” leaning most heavily on highly visual and eye-catching media like videos, infographics, along with UGC integrations (reviews, etc.).

  • Use search insights as basis for priority calendar of topics, subtopics and take advantage of SEO opportunities

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