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Diageo Social Media Development

For Diageo, I oversaw social media creative and initiative for 8 brands, including Crown Royal, Tanqueray, Bulleit, George Dickel, and more. Over the course of several months, we not only increased quality of our creative work, but we also significantly increased our organic brand engagement and reach, despite limited budgets. We developed social media tone of voice, innovation concepts, micro content and more, developing strategic and relevant long term and monthly content. Also explored options with emerging tech partners to leverage underutilized platforms and audience optimization. Included in this work was the initial launch of Hillhaven Lodge Whiskey. Example content below. 

I oversaw all custom photography and using a new pre-production process that I developed to increase efficiency, ensure quality, increase client satisfaction, and stay within production budgets.

Brand Example: Crown Royal
Social Media concepts were developed and shot within the studio. We maximized engagement and impressions on various social channels like Facebook and Instagram through seasonal and culturally relevant content. Content was meant to incite reaction, as was seen below for Valentine's Day, Christmas decor, and stolen bottle concepts. 


Brand Example: Tanqueray
Focusing on a younger, black demographic, concepts revolved around music, fashion, and remixed favorites to inspire brand fans to make their experiences epic in a classy way.. As seen blow, we created a content showcasing a custom patterned t-shirt, dropping the mic and a new twist on Gin and Juice. We were able to increase client satisfaction and brand engagement overall. 


Brand Example: Hillhaven Lodge
Channelling old Hollywood through the historic home the whiskey was named after, I developed rough composites and sketches for the visual look and feel of initial launch photography and concepts. The whiskey itself was a collaboration with a well-known director who was famous for having ongoing celebrity parties at this fabled estate. By channelling history, celebrity legacy, nostalgia and lifestyle, as well as the house, the overall concept intertwined Hillhaven Lodge with the golden age of Hollywood. The content focus areas were product, the house, and celebrity glamour and lifestyle. This work was done while collaborating with CAA.

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