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Too Close to Home Social Campaign for TLC

Too Close To Home is TLC's first ever scripted show, written and directed by Tyler Perry. The show itself has gained a cult following due to it's campiness and over the top storyline. To promote viewership, TLC asked for a social campaign idea that showcased the storyline, peaked curiosity and lightly revealed some of the camp. The campaign centers around Bonnie and the conflicts she must endure – she is the woman who bares all of the burdens and is at the center of all of the tumult.

A secondary activation included Spotify playlists with candid, but entertaining covers to tie back to the storyline and pique interest in the show.

Show Synopsis:
The show's premise revolves around a sister, Anna, who had an affair with the President (yes, THE President) and flees to go back to her hometown of Happy, AL. Back home, her older sister, Bonnie, tends to the teenage daughter she left behind in addition to her younger drug addicted sister, Shelby's, son. While Bonnie is in a relationship is JB, she seems to also be involved with her boyfriend's brother, Brody, who consequently used to be Anna's boyfriend. Furthermore, Shelby, seduces JB in order to steal cash for her druggie lifestyle. In addition, her mother is an obese, emotionally abusive woman, whose rent is covered because Brody is the landlord of their trailer park.

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