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Into the Badlands

After a one year hiatus and a limited following, my team launched the second season. Our work focused on acquiring new fans
to watch season 1 and promote the premiere of season 2. To do this, we developed teasers to highlight the new season for existing fans, but continued engagement with new fans who were streaming the previous season. Since fans of the show were enamored with the dynamic fight choreography, we utilized existing footage to promote the previous season for new fans, while still engaging existing fans. 

Role: Creative & Art Direction

Design & Animation Support: Laura Zucker, Alena Titova, Jourdan Enriquez, Michelle Porucznik, Hanju Chou, Stephanie Kwan
Rotoscoping & Illustration: Michelle Porucznik

Name This Move 

To showcase season 1, get people to watch the first season and build engagement, we asked fans and prospective viewers to submit their ideas to name the move. Ideas that were selected were shared on social media with a fan credit. 

Fight Footage Tournament 

To build character fandom, we pitted characters against each other using their fight footage from the first season. We promoted the each fight in the tournament on social platforms. People could vote for who they thought won utilizing reaction emojis. This experience was custom developed as a feature we could utilize on social platforms.  

Screen Shot 2017-03-15 at 1.54_edited.jpg
Screen Shot 2017-03-15 at 3.04_edited.jpg

"3D" Fight Content

To build excitement and interest, Season 1 footage was rotoscoped against white stripes to make fight scenes dimensional.  

Kick Countdowns

Utilizing beautiful stylized imagery of the characters mid-kick, we teased scene visuals from Season 2 with bold typography intermixed with the character's bodies in movement to build intrigue. 

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